Swayambhunath Stupa is a golden spire crowning a conical wooded hill. It is the most ancient and enigmatic of all the holy shrines in Kathmandu Valley. It has a lofty white dome and a glittering golden spire that are visible from all sides of the valley. Historical records found on a stone inscription give evidence that the stupa was already an important Buddhist pilgrimage destination by the 5th century A.D. i.e. before the coming of Buddhism in the valley.

World Peace/Shanti Stupa is located on the Peak of Anandu Mountain in Pumdi Bhumdi VDC, Kaski, Pokhara. The Stupa lies at 21 hundred feet above sea level and is about 7 kilometres from the Prithvi Highway. It Located on the peak it stands as a beacon of peace and can be seen from every corner of the Pokhara valley. Shanti Stupa is the only stupa in Pokhara located at such a great height. The stupa itself covers 100 metres and its height is 11 metres. The stupa has been painted white because it is the colour and symbol of peace, therefore the name is also Peace Stupa. On the pinnacle of the stupa a golden cupola is mounted that is visible from a long distance. Among others, four majestic statues of the Buddha are placed at the four compass points and are most eye-catching.

Patan Golden Temple (Kwa Bahal), built in the 12th Century by King Bhaskar Verma, is located just north of Patan Durbar square. This three-roof Buddhist monastery is adorned with a golden facade, four large gateways, a clock tower, and two lion sculptures. Inside are golden images of Buddha, wall carvings, and a prayer wheel.