rice planting

rice planting, ashad 15

Today is Ashad 15, the Ropayi day (Crop Planting day), the day that is being celebrated in a year to mark the end of Crop Planting with the wish for high production. On the day, people go to the farm field to play with mud, where ladies plant the Rice plant and men plough the field to make it smooth for planting. Various functions are being organized all over the country to mark the day, where people sing folk songs, throw mud to each other in the field. Many Tourists also participate in the local celebrations and take part in various competition like Folk song competitions, planting rice competitions and several other entertaining games. Ashad 15 is also named as the Dai Chuira Day when people eat bitten rice with curd. So the people in the festival are also served with the Dahi Chuira (Bitten Rice with Curd).

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