To Bikash Khadge a camera is not just a tool to take photos, but rather a device to capture the perfect moment. His photos are taken with a professional eye, knowing the potential of the NIKON SLR cameras that he works with. It is not a hobby, but his passion for photography that makes him venture out into the Nepali nature and take part in numerous Nepali festivals. Being a Newari Nepali, he loves to show others the beauty of his local culture and rituals, telling the stories through his photos. He does not only take the photos, but he also creates amazing 360degree photos using Photoshop. The result is unique.

Take a look at the gallery to see some photos that show Nepal and its people in mystique moments.
If you are blown away by a special photo, then feel free to contact him to buy a print-out.

Besides being a passionate photographer in his spare time, he also sells Thanka Art in his Gallery and is a loving father and husband.


Patan Darbar Square Mangal Bazar
Tel: 977 – 9851084900
P.O.Box: 10786 ktm, NEPAL