Pancha Dan at Patan

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Pancha Dan is the festival of five summer gifts. This festival falls on triodashi,  according to the lunar calendar. This is a Buddhist festival in which gifts are made by the laity to the monks observed by Buddhists of KathmanduLalitpurBhaktapurPanauti and Banepa only, especially by Shakyas and Bajracharyas. Buddhist antiques are displaced and gigantic effigies of Dipankar are paraded around the town. Since monastic Buddhism has been long extinct in Nepal, the receivers of the gift today are the Buddhist priests, the Shakyas and the Bajracharyas, who go begging aims to the house of their clients. However, the main highlight of the festival is the giving away of five elements (wheat grains, rice grains, salt, money and fruit). Traditional collections of artifacts are displayed in monasteries and households on this occasion.