Weekly Fotosearch 5/7/2014

fotosearch 2014

This week ,Weekly Fotosearch team search there foto form Traditional Newari city Khokana to Pharping .


 Khokana is famous for producing mustard oil. There is no central square, as in near by village Bungamati but there’s plenty of action in the main street, including women spinning wool. The main temple is a two tiered construction dedicated to Shekali Mai – a mother goddess. The temple of Rudrayani is the major religious site but ponds have also equally religious importance.

Pharping, a town south of Kathmandu in Nepal, is identified with the sacred site of Yangleshö, where Guru Padmasambhava attained the level of a Mahamudra vidyadhara. Yangleshö is thus, according to Katok Rigdzin Tsewang Norbu, considered to be for Vajrayana practitioners as important as Bodhgaya because it is where the second buddhaGuru Padmasambhava attained the state of enlightenment.

Thanks to : Anup Shrestha | Anup Shakya | Sunil Pradhan Anutar Shakya Pursottam Nakrami Dev Dongol | Shanker Man Maharjan